Boost Your Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry In West Auckland

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental care aimed at improving the appearance of a persons mouth.
Many folk would like their smile to look better, from whiter teeth (see "whitening") to replacing missing teeth and building up severely worn down, chipped and damaged front teeth.

The term Cosmetic dentistry is a little bit misleading as the treatments provided are really no different from normal dental care, however a cosmetic dental treatment plan is designed with the goal of improving your smile.

A cosmetic dental treatmentplan can be designed for anyone who would like to smile more confidently.  The examples below show two options for restoring teeth that no longer look as good as they did.

On the left, the six upper front teeth have been restored with indirect (laboratory made) crowns. These look very good, are very strong and long lasting. We have been able to lengthen the teeth to restore the lost structure

On the right, we have restored the upper front six teeth with direct dental composite. This has achieved a very satisfactory outcome at a fraction of the cost but will not last as well. It is less reliable to build teeth up with this technique.

cosmetic dentistry west auckland, cosmetic dental treatment

We have restored upper front six teeth with e.Max, lab made Crowns

cosmetic dentistry west auckland, cosmetic dental treatment

We have restored upper Front six teeth with direct Dental Composite

We are happy to discuss options to improve your smile, with a cosmetic dental plan that suits your budget.

We also provide other expert dental services such as Dental Check Ups, Children's Dentistry, Professional Teeth Whitening, Sedation Dentistry and Emergency Dental Services to West Auckland communities including Mt Roskill and New Lynn.

We can also assist with tooth replacement options to replace missing teeth. 


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